The passing of the baton: New eUpdate editor

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Issue 649 marks a passing of the baton from Steve Watson (now retired) to Kathy Gehl as our new eUpdate editor. As Kathy assumes her new role, we welcome her back to the Agronomy Department and the K-State family.  Kathy originally joined the department in 1999 as an M.S. graduate student with Chuck Rice, University Distinguished Professor of Agronomy, researching the forms and amounts of nitrogen in runoff water from integrated agriculture management systems.

Kathy grew up on a small farm in east Tennessee and received her B.S. in plant and soil science from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After completing her M.S. in 2003, she continued on at K-State as a research assistant in soil chemistry under the direction of Gary Pierzynski, department head and University Distinguished Professor of Agronomy, and later as an assistant scientist working for John Blair, University Distinguished Professor of Biology. Since 2005, Kathy has instructed numerous courses in Chemistry, Soil Science, and Environmental Science at various colleges in Michigan, North Carolina, and Kansas. Kathy, her husband Ron (2004, Ph.D. in Agronomy from K-State), and their 3 children moved back to Manhattan in 2014.

Kathy brings a unique perspective to the eUpdate editor position being able to draw on her background in agronomy and experience teaching and communicating a range of sciences in a clear and understandable manor. As Kathy has worked with Steve during the past two weeks, she has taken care to understand the process of working with authors to develop articles, the timing of content, and many other details of the process to ensure the eUpdates remain timely and relevant.

As we look back over the last 649 issues and look ahead to the future, we welcome your feedback, content ideas, and suggestions which can be sent to Kathy (

With the publishing of today’s eUpdate issue, Kathy and Steve have executed a flawless transfer of the baton. Please help me welcome Kathy.

Peter Tomlinson, Environmental Quality Specialist