Surefire Canola - New winter canola cultivar now available to Kansas producers

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Surefire is a winter canola cultivar that is tolerant to residual sulfonylurea herbicide (SURT) in the soil. This tolerance allows Surefire to be planted in the fall after a spring application of a sulfonylurea herbicide. These herbicides are commonly used in wheat production and they often have lengthy plant-back restrictions for winter canola. Planting SURT cultivars allows producers to avoid plant-back restrictions, and more wheat acres will be available for rotating to winter canola.

Surefire replaces Sumner, which was the first commercial SURT cultivar released in 2003. From 2012 through 2017, Surefire was tested as experimental, KSUR1211, in cultivar performance trials. It was released by K-State Research and Extension in 2017. Surefire is broadly adapted to the southern Great Plains and the Pacific Northwest. Foundation seed of Surefire will be available through the Kansas Foundation Seed Service. Certified seed will be available through licensed seed dealers.

Surefire possesses greater yield potential, is later to 50 percent bloom, and has slightly better winter survival than Sumner. Surefire will have the highest level of sulfonylurea herbicide residual tolerance available on the market as it replaces Sumner. For more information on the performance of Surefire across multiple environments, please follow the link

The fact sheet details the agronomic characteristics, yield potential, and winter survival of Surefire. You can view and download the Surefire Canola factsheet at:



Mike Stamm, Canola Breeder

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