Special meeting: “Reclaiming Fields after Flooding,” May 19, 10 a.m., Hanover

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Massive flooding along the Little Blue River has caused a lot of erosion and sedimentation. As a result, a special response meeting has been scheduled for May 19, from 10 a.m. to noon at the Kloppenberg Senior Center in Hanover (Washington County). Speakers at the meeting will discuss various aspects of the overall topic “Reclaiming Fields after Flooding.”

Topics include:

  • Reclaiming Ground / Field Repair
  • Soil Quality Issues
  • NRCS Response and State Regulations
  • Emergency Watershed Protection Program for Infrastructure Damage
  • FSA Update on Possible Assistance
  • Crop insurance Considerations

Speakers will include:

Kim Larson, River Valley Extension District Agent

DeAnn Presley, K-State Soil Management Specialist

Andy Brozerman, NRCS Area Engineer

Tim With and Kenny Nelson, NRCS Technicians

Rebecca Palmer and Brandon Wilson, FSA Directors

Dustin Minge, Hanover Insurance Representative


This is a free event. Anyone affected by the Little Blue River flooding is welcome to come and bring questions. For more information, contact the River Valley Extension District Concordia office at 785-243-8185. Or email Kim Larson, River Valley Extension District Agent, at kclarson@ksu.edu.


Kim Larson, River Valley Extension District Agent