New faculty in Department of Agronomy

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Krishna Jagadish

Krishna Jagadish is the new Associate Professor for Crop Physiology. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Reading UK, mainly focusing on reproductive stage heat stress physiology in rice. Before joining K-State, he completed a three -ear post-doctoral fellowship at the International Rice Research Institute and served the institute as Scientist II, leading the institute’s heat and drought stress physiology research and was also the Deputy Division Head of the Crops and Environmental Sciences Division.

His major research interests are understanding mechanistic responses of field crops to pre and post flowering heat, drought or combined abiotic stresses, to identify traits/mechanisms to induce greater stress resilience towards maintaining grain number, grain weight and quality.

In his new role he will be addressing these issues at different spatial scales -- high-controlled environments, semi-controlled field-based facilities, and open-field conditions -- to connect novel traits/mechanisms from identification to product development/application. He aims to work very closely with the wheat, sorghum, and soybean breeders, agronomists and other key disciplines to help improve abiotic stress tolerance among popular Kansas cultivars and accessions that are of global importance.

Krishna can be reached at 785-706-3263 or by email at

Krishna Jagadish, Associate Professor of Crop Physiology