KS Dallas: New hard red wheat variety from K-State

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The Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station has released a new hard red winter wheat variety named KS Dallas. This variety was developed by the K-State wheat breeding program at Hays and named after Dr. Dallas Seifers, a K-State retired plant pathologist who has made great contributions on wheat streak mosaic virus resistance. KS Dallas is adapted to western Kansas and other neighboring semi-arid regions.


Figure 1. New K-State hard red winter wheat variety KS Dallas. Photo by Dr. Guorong Zhang, K-State Research and Extension.


The experimental number of KS Dallas was KS15H116-6-1. KS Dallas was selected from a three-way cross of “KS08HW112-6//TX03A0148/Danby TR” using a modified bulk breeding method. In the pedigree, KS08HW112-6 is a hard white breeding line developed by the Kansas State University wheat breeding program at Hays. This parent has wheat streak mosaic virus resistance from the Wsm2 gene. TX03A0148 is a hard red breeding line developed by Texas A&M University. Danby TR is a mutation line derived from Danby, a hard white variety released by the Kansas State University wheat breeding program at Hays.

KS Dallas has very competitive yields in western Kansas. Averaged over three years (2017 to 2019) of dryland testing, yield of this line was 79.8 bu/a, which was similar to Joe (80.4 bu/a). KS Dallas has good resistances to wheat streak mosaic virus, leaf rust, and stem rust. Its wheat streak mosaic virus resistance can hold up to ~70 oF (21oC), which is about five Fahrenheit degrees higher than those resistant varieties with Wsm2, such as RonL, Joe, Clara CL, and Oakley CL. It is intermediate to stripe rust, barley yellow dwarf virus, and Triticum mosaic virus. It is moderately susceptible to powdery mildew and Hessian fly, and susceptible to soilborne mosaic virus and acid soil.

In general, KS Dallas has average test weight (~60 lb/bu), good flour yield, and very good mixing tolerance.

KS Dallas has medium maturity and medium height. It has medium-long coleoptile length and large kernels. It has good grain shattering resistance and average straw strength.


Guorong Zhang, Wheat Breeder, KSU Agricultural Research Center-Hays

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