Kansas Ag-Climate Update for August 2022

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The statewide average temperature for August was 78.9°F, and was 1.8° above normal.  This ranks as the 31st warmest August out of the last 128 years, dating back to 1895.  Departures ranged from +1.1° in the northeast to +2.6° in the central and southeast (Figure 1).  Combined with June and July, the average temperature was 78.6°, or 1.8° above normal, and ranks 18th warmest.  This June-August ranks as 6th warmest on record in the northwest and 9th warmest west central.

The statewide average precipitation for August was 1.21 inches, or 2.30 inches below normal.  This was the 7th driest August on record.  Six of the nine climate divisions had a ‘Top 10’ driest August.  The average 3-month total precipitation for June, July and August was 7.68 inches, or 3.73 inches below normal, and ranks as 20 inches driest.  It was the 4th driest June through August on record in the west central, and 7th driest in the northwest.

Figure 1. Departures from normal temperature (°F) and precipitation (inches) for August 2022.

View the entire August 2022 Ag-Climate Update, including the accompanying maps and graphics (not shown in this eUpdate article), at http://climate.k-state.edu/ag/updates/

Xiaomao Lin, State Climatologist


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