K-State crop planting date survey: Producer input needed

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As seed varieties, technology, and crop rotations change, crop planting dates may also be adjusted. However, in some cases, farmers are limited by Risk Management Agency (RMA) crop insurance planting date windows.

Here’s where we need help from Kansas producers. RMA includes Land Grant University recommendations when they review and set allowable planting dates for crop insurance. Unfortunately, data reflective of recent agronomic advances is limited. We’re asking producers to consider participating in a Kansas State University (KSU) Crop Planting Date Survey. The goal is to gather more up-to-date information and precise data on planting dates and crop yields for corn, soybeans, and grain sorghum. The last couple of years would be ideal but data will be accepted as far back as one would like to share (multiple years of data are needed to best assess planting date recommendations).

There are three easy ways to provide your data. The data will be securely held by KSU and only reported in an aggregated form.

  1. Use the online survey form (Figure 1), https://form.jotformpro.com/71104923260951
    It’s easy and will likely take less than 5 minutes per field; or
  2. Print the attached survey and email or mail it back to Dr. Ignacio Ciampitti at Ciampitti@ksu.edu or 2014E Throckmorton PSC, 1712 Claflin Road, Manhattan, KS 66506; or
  3. Simply email or send a copy of any production and yield reporting forms that may have completed in the past to Dr. Ciampitti at the email and/or address above.

Many agree that crop insurance planting dates should be updated to better reflect ever changing seed technology, crop rotations, insect pressures, and weather risk. Now is your opportunity to provide the farm-level information needed to more accurately update planting recommendations and provide better guidance to update crop insurance planting dates.

Figure 1. Screenshot of online survey form.