Free webinar on a new method for control of corn rootworm - Feb. 23

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K-State Research and Extension will host a one-hour webinar starting at 9:30 a.m. on February 23, 2020, highlighting nematodes that kill corn rootworm larvae but are safe for plants.

Cornell University entomologist Elson Shields, responsible for the development of these persistent biocontrol nematode strains, will be the webinar’s guest speaker.  Shields and other collaborators have been conducting field studies in several states to examine the nematodes’ efficacy and persistence over multiple seasons.

As corn rootworm control issues continue throughout the corn-growing regions of the United States, these nematodes are proving to be an effective way to reduce root damage and have the potential to slow the development of resistance in rootworm populations and prolong the efficacy of other control methods. These biocontrol nematodes can be used in tandem with several other rootworm control methods and can provide some root protection on their own. Shields will explain how these nematodes work, how they are incorporated into the field and present data from recent field trials.

Those planning to attend should preregister here: ( You will receive a link to the meeting.


For more information, please contact:

Anthony Zukoff
Extension Associate - Entomology
K-State Southwest Research and Extension Center
Garden City, KS
620 275 9164

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