Diagnosing wheat production problems - Updated publication for 2023

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The K-State Research and Extension publication S84 “Diagnosing Wheat Production Problems” has been recently updated. This comprehensive update was a collaborative effort between three K-State departments: Plant Pathology, Agronomy, and Entomology. This 66-page full-color publication will help growers diagnose likely causes of slow growth, distorted appearance, off-colors, injury, and death of wheat plants from planting to harvest.

There are five sections organized by growth stage covering a myriad of wheat production problems. This is also an index to help users quickly find the appropriate section for their topic of interest. The sections, accompanied by color photos, are:

  • Early Season Problems: Emergence to Tillering
  • Middle Season Problems: Tillering to Heading
  • Late Season Problems: Heading to Maturity
  • Post-Harvest Problems
  • Rare Problems

Copies can be ordered from the KSRE Bookstore at https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/Item.aspx?catId=299&pubId=1757

The online version can be viewed at https://bookstore.ksre.ksu.edu/pubs/S84.pdf




Erick DeWolf, Wheat Disease Specialist

Romulo Lollato, Wheat and Forages Specialist

Kelsey Andersen Onofre, Wheat and Forage Disease Specialist

Sarah Lancaster, Weed Management Specialist

Dorivar Ruiz Diaz, Soil Fertility Specialist

Jeff Whitworth, Entomology Specialist

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