Deadline nearing for KARTA on-farm research grant opportunities

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KARTA, the Kansas Agricultural Research and Technology Association, is a non-profit, grassroots organization of producers, industry, and research/extension personnel who share a common desire to maximize the use of technology in production agriculture. 

A main component in this mission is helping producers conduct on-farm research. Modern precision agriculture hardware and software has made conducting well-designed on-farm trials a reality. Producers have the opportunity to develop their own project or join a group project. Support in developing, implementing, and analyzing an on-farm research project is available from fellow KARTA members and K-State Research and Extension agents and faculty. The main goal of these projects is not so much in the research outcome as in helping producers use the tools they have to answer questions relevant and specific to their operations.

$11,000 in funding is available for on-farm research projects through KARTA. Recipients must be a member or join KARTA and agree to present their findings at the annual conference. More details can be found on the research tab of the KARTA website at


Lucas Haag, Northwest Area Crops and Soils Specialist and KARTA board member

Ajay Sharda, Extension Agricultural Engineer and KARTA board member

Ignacio Ciampitti, Extension Crop Production and Cropping Systems Specialist and KARTA collaborator

Terry Griffin, Extension Agricultural Economist and KARTA collaborator