Clarification to April 2, 2015 article on “Weed control in grain sorghum”

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In the article on weed control in grain sorghum in last week’s issue of the Agronomy eUpdate (No. 501, April 2, 2015) there was a discussion of preemergence products for pigweed control. In that discussion, one section may have implied that Verdict could be added to Lumax EZ or Lexar EZ to enhance pigweed control. This should have been more clearly stated to explain that Verdict could be added to an atrazine-chloracetamide herbicide product to enhance pigweed control, not to Lumax EZ or Lexar EZ. The correct information, which is reflected in the version of that article on our eUpdate web site, is as follows:

“Control of pigweeds in sorghum is an increasing concern across the state. Using a soil-applied chloracetamide herbicide with atrazine (such as Bicep II Magnum, Bicep Lite II Magnum, Outlook, Degree Xtra, Fultime NXT, or generic equivalents of these products) will greatly enhance controlling pigweeds. Some of the broadleaf escapes producers can expect when using the chloracetamide/atrazine mixtures are devilsclaw, puncturevine, velvetleaf, morningglory, atrazine-resistant kochia, and atrazine-resistant pigweeds. The addition of 10 oz of Verdict, which is a mix of 2 oz of Sharpen and 8.3 oz of Outlook, can help control triazine-resistant pigweeds as well as the large-seeded broadleaf weeds. The chloracetamide/atrazine herbicides will do a very good job of controlling most annual grassy weeds.

“Using a product such as Lumax EZ or Lexar EZ preemergence, which contains mesotrione (Callisto), will help control the triazine-resistant pigweeds and kochia.”


Curtis Thompson, Extension Agronomy State Leader and Weed Management Specialist