Ag-Climate Update: December 2023

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The Kansas Ag-Climate Update is a joint effort between our climate and extension specialists. Every month, the update includes a summary of that month, agronomic impacts, relevant maps and graphs, 1-month temperature and precipitation outlooks, monthly extremes, and notable highlights.

December 2023: The second warmest December since 1895

The average statewide temperature for December was 39.2°F, or 6.0°F above normal. This ranked as the 2nd warmest December out of 129 years of records, dating back to 1895. Only 2021 ranks higher (41.1° F). Divisional anomalies ranged from +4.8° F (west central) to +6.7° F (northeast and east central). Three counties in central Kansas had their warmest December on record: Barton, Rush, and Russell.

The average statewide precipitation for December was 2.13 inches, or 199% of normal. This amount was 1.06 inches above normal and ranked as the 9th wettest December on record. All divisions were above normal, and the month ranked in the top 6 wettest Decembers in each division. South central Kansas had the largest departure from normal (+1.64 inches), but southwest Kansas had the highest percent of normal (297%). Northwest Kansas was the only division not to have a top 20 wettest December.

A comparison of different colored mapsDescription automatically generated with medium confidence
Figure 1. Departures from normal temperature (°F) and precipitation (inches) for December 2023.

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Xiaomao Lin, State Climatologist

Matthew Sittel, Assistant State Climatologist

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