2018 corn hybrid performance available online at myFields.info

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Each year, the K-State Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Services release corn performance data from replicated trials as part of the publication, “Report of Progress: Kansas Performance Tests with Corn Hybrids”. For 2018, the publication authors have generously shared data with the K-State myFields project team prior to the publication release.

The hybrid data can be viewed on the Demonstration Plot tool at myfields.info. Choose a plot location from the map to view a table view of top yielding hybrids, county average comparison, and charts of hybrid yield across locations. For more instruction on tool use, visit the myFields features page here, or refer to the infographic below.



Drs. Ignacio Ciampitti (Agronomy) and Brian McCornack and Wendy Johnson (Entomology) lead this project. We have also collaborated with Jane Lingenfelser, Agronomist, Crop Performance Testing (Agronomy).




Brian McCornack, Extension Entomologist

Ignacio Ciampitti, Crop Production and Cropping Systems Specialist

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