2023 eUpdate Archive

May 2023

958  May 25th, 2023    

Plan now for volunteer corn control  weed control volunteer corn 
Effects of high temperatures on wheat wheat high temperatures heat stress 
Check wheat heads for pollination problems wheat pollination 
Possible causes for white heads in wheat wheat white heads 
Crop options after early terminated wheat wheat termination failed wheat 
Kansas Wheat Crop Conditions: Summary of the 2023 Wheat Quality Tour yield potential wheat Wheat Quality Tour wheat plot tours  
Corn rootworm egg hatch has begun in Kansas insects corn corn rootworm degree days 
Growing season precipitation for Kansas - A dry start weather precipitation growing season 
2023 Wheat Plot Tours - Updated for May 26 through June 8 wheat wheat plot tours  
Wheat Disease Field Day in Manhattan - June 5, 2023 wheat disease Field Day 

957  May 22nd, 2023    

Test for nitrates in failed wheat before grazing grazing wheat drought stress nitrate toxicity 

956  May 18th, 2023    

Pre-harvest weed control in wheat wheat weed control pre-harvest 
Fusarium head blight outlook and fungicide recommendations disease wheat fusarium head blight thin wheat wheat scab scab 
Sorghum management considerations: Planting practices planting grain sorghum seeding rate row spacing planting date plant population 
2023 Wheat Plot Tours - May 18 through June 8 wheat wheat plot tours  
2022 Kansas Corn Yield Contest - High yield management Corn Yield Contest yield environment  
Insect activity in alfalfa - May 17, 2023 alfalfa insects alfalfa weevils 
Wheat Disease Field Day in Manhattan - June 5, 2023 

955  May 11th, 2023    

Early-season weed control in cotton weeds weed control cotton residual herbicides burndown herbicides 
Kansas wheat disease update - May 11, 2023 wheat disease stripe rust fusarium head blight tan spot 
National Wheat Yield Contest - Deadline is May 15 wheat Yield Contest wheat yield contest 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for April 2023 weather Climate  
2023 Wheat Plot Tours - May 12 through May 26 wheat wheat plot tours  
In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School - June 2 wheat Field Day Wheat Diagnostic School  

954  May 4th, 2023    

Inoculating soybeans is a good insurance policy soybeans inoculation nitrogen fixation 
Several factors affect successful soybean inoculation and nodulation soybeans inoculation nodulation nitrogen fixation 
Proper pesticide use: Why should an applicator care? label requirements herbicide application commercial applicator pesticides 
2023 Wheat Plot Tours - May 10 through May 26 wheat wheat plot tours  
2023 Research Report for the Southeast Research and Extension Center is online 
Spring Crops Field Day in Parsons on May 23 Field Day  
Save the date - 2023 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School  wheat Wheat Diagnostic School  

April 2023

953  April 27th, 2023    

Cold soils can lead to chilling injury for newly planted corn and soybean soybeans corn freeze injury chilling injury cold soils 
Is there any value to starter fertilizer on soybeans? soybeans fertilizer starter fertilizer 
Soil temperature, forecast, and seed quality are critical for cotton stand establishment planting cotton soil temperature optimum planting dates 
2023 Wheat Plot Tours wheat wheat plot tours  
Review of restricted use pesticides and applicator licenses herbicide application commercial applicator pesticides 
World of Weeds - Corn gromwell World of Weeds corn gromwell 
2022 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results canola winter canola variety trials  
Save the date - 2023 In-Depth Wheat Diagnostic School  wheat Wheat Diagnostic School  
Meetings set in May for canola producers to learn about crush facility canola winter canola meetings  

952  April 20th, 2023    

Adjusting seeding rates for soybeans soybeans seeding rate plant density 
Soybean seed treatments: Avoiding seedling diseases soybeans disease seed treatment 
Control of late-emerging kochia in wheat or wheat stubble wheat weed control kochia wheat stubble 
Update on alfalfa pests in Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and pea aphids alfalfa insects pea aphids alfalfa weevils 
Update on soil conditions and growing degree days this spring Drought soil moisture spring planting soil temperature growing degree days 

951  April 13th, 2023    

Corn plant density adjustments for 2023 corn seeding rate plant density 
Soybean planting date and maturity group selection soybeans planting planting date 
Causes of yellow wheat - Soil fertility factors yellow wheat nutrient deficiency soil pH soil fertility 
Causes of yellow wheat - Weather and disease factors disease yellow wheat freeze injury drought stress cold injury 
Planting winter canola? Be aware of rotation restrictions with herbicides fire herbicides canola winter canola 
Monitor alfalfa weevils using degree days and scouting alfalfa alfalfa weevils degree days 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for March 2023 weather Climate  

950  April 6th, 2023    

Starter fertilizer for corn - Nitrogen placement and rate corn spring planting fertilizer starter fertilizer in-furrow 
Spring planting update - Soil temperature and moisture  soil moisture spring planting soil temperature planting date 
First hollow stem update - April 6, 2023 wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 
Effect of early planting dates on soybean yield soybeans planting date maturity group early planting 
Insect activity update - alfalfa weevils insects alfalfa alfalfa weevils 
How common are spring freezes after April 1 in Kansas? freeze cold temperatures hard freeze 

March 2023

949  March 30th, 2023    

Wheat disease updates and outlook for stripe rust in 2023 Kansas wheat crop wheat disease stripe rust 
Wheat viruses in Kansas: Who's who? wheat disease wheat streak mosaic wheat virus barley yellow dwarf 
First hollow stem update - March 30, 2023 dual purpose wheat first hollow stem 
Entry to the National Wheat Yield Contest is open wheat yields Yield Contest 
Learn the difference between fire weather watches and red flag warnings red flag warnings wildfire fire weather 
New episodes of the War Against Weeds podcast address timely issues for farmers podcast War on Weeds 

948  March 23rd, 2023    

Expectations for a late-emerged winter wheat crop wheat delayed emergence 
Weed management considerations for thin wheat stands weed control wheat poor emergence thin wheat 
First hollow stem update - March 23, 2023 wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 
Optimal corn seeding rate recommendations corn seeding rate yield environment 
Several crop-specific publications on insect pest management updated for 2023 insects publication pest management 
Join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts! weather rainfall CoCoRaHS 
Webinar to address grass turnout in Western Kansas grazing cattle webinar 

947  March 16th, 2023    

Residual herbicides for corn corn weed control pre-emergence residual herbicides 
Spring planting is approaching: Soil temperature and moisture status planting soil moisture soil temperature planting date 
Soil temperatures across Kansas: Current and historical averages climate soil temperature 
Considerations for early fungicide applications on wheat in 2023 wheat disease fungicide 
First hollow stem update - March 13, 2023 wheat dual purpose first hollow stem 
Potential pest of soybeans and alfalfa in Kansas: Mealybugs soybeans insects alfalfa mealybugs 
2022 Kansas cool-season forage performance tests  forage variety trials cool-season 

946  March 9th, 2023    

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat wheat herbicide growth stage 
Wheat growth and development: Tool for estimating first hollow stem Mesonet wheat first hollow stem growth stage 
2022 Kansas warm-season forage performance tests  Performance Tests silage forage summer annual forage warm-season 
Foliar fungicide efficacy ratings for wheat disease management publication wheat fungicide efficacy 
Precipitation summary for Kansas during winter 2022-2023 winter weather winter precipitation 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for February 2023 weather Climate  

945  March 2nd, 2023    

Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control soybeans weed control marestail horseweed 
Tips for safe and successful prescribed burning this spring prescribed burning fire wildfire 
Optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pastures: First hollow stem wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 
First hollow stem update - March 2, 2023 wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 
Wheat Variety Fall Forage Yield Comparison for 2022-23 wheat fall forage dual purpose yield results yield 
National Sorghum Yield Contest: A Summary for Kansas sorghum grain sorghum publication yield estimates Sorghum Yield Contest 
K-State Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab: Changes to Services and Fee Schedule Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab 
Soil Pit Field Day set for March 24 soil Field Day 
Wheat Rx Schools scheduled for early March  wheat Wheat Rx  
K-State Crop School on growing crops in volatile conditions - March 8 in Wamego meeting crop school 

February 2023

944  February 23rd, 2023    

Cover crop termination considerations weed control cover crops 
Is spring wheat a viable option for northwest and north-central Kansas? spring wheat 
Kansas fire season is here prescribed burning wildfire fire weather 
Kansas training information for dicamba in 2023 dicamba application training 
Crop insurance research survey available for corn producers survey corn crop insurance 
Save the date - Wheat Rx Schools scheduled for early March  wheat Wheat Rx meetings  
One session left for the Crop Talk webinar series  webinars  

943  February 16th, 2023    

Late winter kochia control in fields going to corn or grain sorghum kochia pre-plant herbicide weed control pre-emergence 
Native grasses: Management factors during and after stand establishment rangeland native grasses 
New sorghum growth and development poster now available sorghum grain sorghum poster growth stage 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for January 2023 weather Climate  
Save the date - Wheat Rx Schools scheduled for early March  wheat meeting Wheat Rx 
K-State to host Whole Farm Health series beginning Feb. 23 soil health workshops mental health 
Crop Talk webinar series will continue through the end of February webinars Crop Talk 
K-State Soybean School scheduled for February 22 in Salina Soybean Schools meetings  

942  February 9th, 2023    

Pre-plant herbicide applications for kochia control  weed control kochia pre-plant herbicide 
Native grasses: Factors for successful stand establishment rangeland native grasses 
A comparison of three historical mid-February cold outbreaks in Kansas weather cold temperatures 
Crop Talk webinar series will continue through the end of February webinars Crop Talk  
K-State Soybean School scheduled for February 22 in Salina Soybean Schools  

941  February 2nd, 2023    

Extension question: Can I garden on top of my septic system? wastewater drainfields 
2022 Kansas Performance Tests with grain sorghum hybrids report  Performance Tests grain sorghum  
Kansas weather: Looking back at January and ahead to February weather Climate  
Don't miss the 2023 K-State Crop Talk webinar series  webinars 
Webinar on controlling corn rootworm with nematodes - February 22 corn rootworm webinars 
Registration is open for the K-State Soybean School on February 22 in Salina Soybean Schools meeting 

January 2023

940  January 26th, 2023    

Corn management in Kansas for 2023 corn publication  
A closer look at normal low temperatures for Kansas winter weather climate cold temperatures 
Don't miss the 2023 K-State Crop Talk webinar series  webinars crops 
Registration is still open for the 2023 Kansas Corn Virtual School Corn Schools virtual webinar  
K-State Soybean School - Registration is open Soybean Schools  

939  January 19th, 2023    

2022 Kansas Performance Tests with Corn Hybrids report Performance Tests corn corn hybrids  
2022 Kansas Performance Tests with Soybean Varieties report  soybeans Performance Tests  
Snow amounts for Kansas are below normal heading into the last half of winter winter snow 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for December 2022 weather Climate  
Save the date for the K-State Soybean School set for February 22 in Salina soybeans Soybean Schools meeting  

938  January 12th, 2023    

2023 Kansas training information for paraquat and dicamba dicamba paraquat application training commercial applicator  
Looking back at the weather across Kansas in 2022 weather Climate  
Survey from K-State Research and Extension seeks input from Kansas citizens survey KSRE 
Cover Your Acres Winter Conference, January 17-18 in Oberlin Cover Your Acres meeting  
Weed management schools for cropland and pastures in eastern Kansas - Jan. 23 and 24  weed control meeting  
Soil fertility meetings scheduled in central and western Kansas - Jan. 24 and 25 soil fertility meeting  
K-State weed management schools in northwest and north central Kansas - Feb. 15 and 16 weed control meeting  

937  January 5th, 2023    

New Wheat Rx publication: Coleoptile length of winter wheat varieties 2022 wheat Wheat Rx wheat variety coleoptile 
Want more forage? Kill some cedars pastures forage rangeland eastern redcedar 
K-State 2023 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available online publication Weed Control Guide  
Cover Your Acres Winter Conference, January 17-18 in Oberlin Cover Your Acres meeting