2022 eUpdate Archive

December 2022

936  December 15th, 2022    

What factors influence the survival of winter canola? canola winter hardiness winter survival winter canola 
Damaged or dead fescue pastures: Options for 2023 pastures tall fescue fescue 
K-State 2023 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available online Weed Control Guide  
What are the chances of a White Christmas for Kansas? snow white Christmas 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for November 2022 weather Climate  
Flickner Innovation Farm to present current projects at workshop on January 12 Field Day Flickner Innovation Farm 

935  December 8th, 2022    

Considerations when buying hay for winter feeding Drought hay 
After a rough start this fall, what factors influence the survival of winter canola?  winter survival canola winter canola 
Registration is open for the 2023 Kansas Corn Schools Corn Schools virtual meeting  
Winter Forage Conference: Drought survival, recovery, and success - Dec. 15 Winter Forage Conference meeting  

934  December 1st, 2022    

Considerations for wheat fields prone to sulfur deficiency wheat sulfur yellow wheat nutrient deficiency 
Corn planting and frost risk in central and eastern Kansas corn planting date 
Updated publications on a variety of crop pests in Kansas now available insects publication 
K-State/KARA Crop Production Update, Dec. 7-8 in Manhattan KARA meeting crop production 
Registration is open for the 2023 Kansas Corn Schools Corn Schools virtual  

November 2022

933  November 17th, 2022    

Recent cold front brings snow and needed moisture to Kansas weather snow 
Natural Resources Conservation Service unveils a new website soil conservation NRCS website 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for October 2022 weather Climate  
Don't miss out on free Soybean Cyst Nematode testing through K-State soybean cyst nematode Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab 
Winter Forage Conference: Drought survival, recovery, and success - Dec. 15 drought forage Winter Forage Conference  
K-State/KARA Crop Production Update - Dec. 7-8 in Manhattan KARA meeting crop production  
2022 Crop Pest Management Schools Crop Pest Schools  

932  November 10th, 2022    

Potential wheat injury due to the upcoming cold temperatures wheat winter hardiness cold tolerance cold injury 
Field equipment maintenance: Winterizing sprayers equipment 
Value of forage insurance during drought Drought forage crop insurance 
Save the date for the 2023 Kansas Corn Schools corn Corn Schools  
K-State/KARA Crop Production Update: Dec. 7-8 in Manhattan KARA meeting crop production  

931  November 3rd, 2022    

Control of mustards in wheat - Timely treatment is important mustards weed control application training wheat herbicide timing 
Crop water allocator designed to help farmers with limited water water irrigation tool 
Learn to identify rangeland and pasture grasses of Kansas publication pasture rangeland identification grasses 
Feedback requested about the War Against Weeds podcast survey War on Weeds  
Save the date for the 2022 Crop Pest Management Schools Crop Pest Schools  

October 2022

930  October 27th, 2022    

Considerations for fall applications of anhydrous ammonia fall fertilizer anhydrous anhydrous ammonia soil temperature 
Army cutworm moths in southwest Kansas insects army cutworms 
Free Soybean Cyst Nematode testing is available through KSU Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab soybean cyst nematode Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab SCN 
World of Weeds - Prickly lettuce World of Weeds prickly lettuce 
Feedback requested about the War Against Weeds podcast survey podcast War on Weeds 
Save the date for the 2022 Crop Pest Management Schools Crop Pest Schools  

929  October 20th, 2022    

Management adjustments when sowing wheat late wheat late planting 
Replanting decisions for winter wheat wheat replanting herbicide timing 
Managing forages after a hard freeze freeze grazing prussic acid forages nitrate toxicity 
Fire season outlook for 2022-2023 fire wildfire fire weather 
Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station Research Reports available online publication research reports 
2022 Kansas Soybean Yield and Value Contests soybeans Soybean Yield Contest  

928  October 13th, 2022    

Green stem syndrome in soybeans green stem soybeans 
Cover crop response to herbicides cover crops herbicide termination 
Rate of dry down in sorghum before harvest drydown sorghum grain sorghum 
Fall soil testing of hayfields and pastures pastures hayfields fall soil sampling 
Tar spot of corn is now confirmed in five counties in Kansas  corn disease foliar diseases tar spot 
After harvest is the optimal time for Soybean Cyst Nematode sampling soybeans soybean cyst nematode nematodes 
Kansas Mesonet fall freeze and winter cold tool available winter weather Mesonet freeze monitor 
Summer of 2022: Temperature rankings for 40 locations in Kansas climate weather hot weather summer  
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for September 2022 weather Climate  

927  October 6th, 2022    

Wheat planting conditions in Kansas: Early October 2022 wheat dry soils planting conditions  
Check herbicide labels before using soybeans for livestock feed soybeans Drought label requirements herbicide livestock 
Tar spot of corn: A new threat to Kansas corn corn disease foliar diseases tar spot 
Aflatoxin in corn: A potential concern for the 2022 season corn disease aflatoxin ear mold 
Musk thistle control in the fall weeds weed control musk thistle noxious weed 
Drought progression in Kansas during the 2022 growing season weather Climate Drought  
2022 fall weather outlook for Kansas weather fall outlook 

September 2022

926  September 29th, 2022    

Control annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum sorghum fall-applied corn annual weeds 
Control woody plants on rangeland: Basal bark and cut-stump herbicide applications herbicide woody plants rangeland 
Ammonia treatment of low-quality forages  
Small grain forage options for this fall forage small grains 
Kansas Bankers Association Conservation Awards Nominations due Nov. 11 conservation award 

925  September 22nd, 2022    

Soybean seed filling and dry down rate before harvest soybeans drydown harvest 
Test to prevent nitrate and prussic acid poisoning cattle prussic acid nitrate toxicity forage testing 
Testing methods for nitrates in forages cattle forages nitrate toxicity forage testing nitrates 
Management considerations for no-till wheat following sorghum or other summer crops wheat grain sorghum glyphosate 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for August 2022 weather Climate 

924  September 15th, 2022    

Considerations when planting wheat into dry soil wheat planting dry soils Drought 
Planting wheat too early can lead to several problems wheat planting optimum planting dates early-planted wheat 
In-furrow fertilizers for wheat wheat starter fertilizer phosphorus in-furrow 
Common causes of late-season stalk lodging in corn corn lodging fusarium stalk rot stalk rots 
Check for stalk rots prior to grain sorghum harvest grain sorghum lodging stalk rots 
Grain sorghum yield potential: An on-farm calculation sorghum grain sorghum yield potential yield 
Grain sorghum yield potential: Understanding the main yield components sorghum grain sorghum yield potential yield components 
When do the first freeze and first frost events typically occur in Kansas? first frost first freeze 

923  September 8th, 2022    

Alfalfa management: Deciding on last cutting this fall alfalfa forage last cutting 
Fall soil sampling: Sample collection and submission to K-State Soil Testing Lab soil sampling soil testing Soil Testing Lab 
The challenge of collecting a representative soil sample soil sampling soil testing 
Soil sample handling practices can affect soil nitrate test accuracy soil sampling soil testing nitrate 
Weed management practices: Fall scouting and equipment cleaning weed control scouting weed management 
The summer of 2022: Hot and dry across Kansas weather Climate summer  
War Against Weeds podcast kicks off fourth season weed management podcast War on Weeds 
Limited Irrigation Corn Management Field Day - September 13 irrigation Field Day  

922  September 1st, 2022    

Winter canola planting considerations canola planting winter canola 
Winter canola management considerations canola winter canola soil fertility pest management 
Tips for fall planting of alfalfa alfalfa forage fall planting 
Can dry soils affect anhydrous ammonia applications? dry soils anhydrous ammonia 
Filling the forage gaps after a challenging summer fall forage forage grazing 
2021 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial final report hay silage summer annual forage variety trials  

August 2022

921  August 25th, 2022    

Final irrigation of the growing season - Timing is everything irrigation 
Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing soil testing wheat soil fertility 
Soil fertility and wheat production: Profile nitrate levels and wheat yield wheat fertilizer profile nitrate soil fertility 
Soybean yield potential estimation soybeans yield potential yield estimates 
2022 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report wheat Performance Tests  
2022 Fall Weather Outlook for Kansas winter weather fall outlook  

920  August 18th, 2022    

Drought and heat stress in Kansas soybean fields soybeans drought-tolerant drought stress heat stress 
World of Weeds - Hemp dogbane pastures World of Weeds hemp dogbane 
A wheat stem sawfly look-a-like and white grub biocontrol insects wasp 
K-State Agronomy hires new Assistant State Climatologist new faculty 

919  August 11th, 2022    

Pre-emergence herbicides for wheat wheat weed control bindweed pre-emergence residual herbicides 
Corn harvest efficiency - Adjusting combine settings corn harvest harvest efficiency 
Drought and heat stress in Kansas corn fields corn Drought heat stress yield loss 
Dryland corn considerations for 2022 Drought drought stress dryland corn nitrates 
Summary of the 2022 wheat growing season in Kansas wheat growing season  
Kansas Wheat Variety Guide 2022 now available  publication variety selection wheat variety  
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for July 2022 weather climate  

918  August 4th, 2022    

Allow time for lime applications when planting alfalfa this fall alfalfa lime application soil pH 
Corn harvest efficiency - Get the most from your crop corn harvest volunteer corn harvest efficiency 
Saving wheat seed - Be aware of the regulations wheat wheat seed Certified Seed 
First report of sugarcane aphid on grain sorghum in Kansas insects sorghum sugarcane aphid SCA sorghum aphid 
Scout for headworms in sorghum from flowering into milk stage insects grain sorghum fall armyworms headworms corn earworm 
Have problems with Sudden Death Syndrome in soybeans? soybeans disease Sudden Death Syndrome 
Understanding the drought monitor process weather drought monitor drought status 
How hot has it been in Kansas this summer? weather Climate high temperatures hot weather 
Kansas Composting Operators' School, Sept. 14-15 in Manhattan training compost 
Kansas Wheat Rx Schools - August 9 and 10 wheat Field Day Wheat Rx  

July 2022

917  July 28th, 2022    

Biomass production and nutrient uptake of drought-damaged corn corn forage drought drought stress nutrient availability 
Nitrate toxicity in drought-stressed corn and sorghum sorghum corn drought stress nitrate toxicity 
Wheat streak mosaic virus: Problematic in central Kansas for the second year in a row wheat volunteer wheat wheat streak mosaic wheat curl mite 
Critical timing in Kansas: High temperatures and corn development corn drought stress heat stress corn development pollination 
First report of southern rust in Kansas  corn southern rust foliar diseases 
Large numbers of fall armyworm in Texas, moths appearing in southern Kansas insects fall armyworms 
Be on the lookout for the soybean gall midge soybeans insects soybean gall midge 
EPA seeking public comment on atrazine re-registration review decision label requirements herbicide EPA atrazine 
K-State North Central Experiment Field Fall Field Day, August 16 Fall Field Day  

916  July 21st, 2022    

Estimating corn yield potential using the yield component method corn yield potential yield components 
Heat stress can elevate the risk of pest damage to summer crops insects heat stress 
Growing season precipitation for Kansas in 2022 weather Climate precipitation  
Beef Cattle and Forage Field Day, August 4 cattle forage Field Day 

915  July 14th, 2022    

Managing the prussic acid hazard in sorghum sorghum forage grazing prussic acid sorghum-sudangrass 
Kansas weather history: Looking back at two record-setting summers weather Climate 
EPA proposes changes to address Bt resistance in corn ear pests insects corn 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for June 2022 weather Climate 
Irrigation technology field day set for July 22 irrigation Field Day  

914  July 7th, 2022    

Palmer amaranth control in grain sorghum grain sorghum palmer amaranth post-emergence 
High temperatures reduce effectiveness of Group 27 herbicides palmer amaranth high temperatures post-emergence hot weather Group 27 herbicides 
Weather averages and extremes in Kansas for the first half of 2022 weather Climate 
Kansas River Valley Experiment Field Fall Field Day, August 9 Fall Field Day  
K-State East Central Experiment Field Fall Field Day, August 17 Fall Field Day  

June 2022

913  June 30th, 2022    

Consider the value of soil residue before baling or burning wheat stubble residue soil conservation soil erosion wheat stubble wind erosion 
Identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms in soybeans soybeans nutrient deficiency chlorosis 
Update on drought conditions in Kansas - June 28, 2022 weather Climate Drought outlooks 
Kansas Corn Yield Contest: Early deadline June 30 Corn Yield Contest  
Registration is open for the 2022 K-State/KARA Summer Field School  KARA Field Day 

912  June 23rd, 2022    

Plant analysis for testing nutrient levels in corn corn plant analysis nutrient levels tissue testing 
Fungicide considerations for corn diseases in 2022 corn fungicide foliar fungicides foliar diseases crop scouting 
Weather conditions during the cattle loss event in southwest Kansas in mid-June 2022 high temperatures Cattle Comfort Tool hot weather extreme weather 
2021 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results canola winter canola variety trials  
Registration is open for the 2022 K-State/KARA Summer Field School  KARA Field Day 
K-State Weed Science Field Day - July 13 weed control Field Day  

911  June 16th, 2022    

Use the Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool to monitor livestock conditions this summer Mesonet Cattle Comfort Tool hot weather heat stress 
Herbicide applications and high temperatures herbicide high temperatures herbicide application 
How to condition grain for seed wheat seed seed cleaning seed condition 
Conducting home germination tests on this year's wheat seed germination testing wheat seed 
Cut-off dates approaching for XtendiMax, Engenia, and Tavium applications dicamba label requirements cotton soybeans herbicide application 
Early summer control of sericea lespedeza using herbicides pastures rangeland sericea lespedeza noxious weed 
Farmers invited to participate in multi-state on-farm research survey survey on-farm research 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for May 2022 weather Climate 
Sign up and be counted in the 2022 Ag Census census 

910  June 9th, 2022    

Managing late tillers in wheat wheat wheat harvest wheat tillers 
Effect of heat and drought during grain fill on wheat seed quality wheat seed quality wheat seed seed size test weight 
Accelerated Aging test on seed for emergence vigor wheat seed quality germination testing seed vigor 
World of Weeds: Jointed goatgrass (Aegilops cylindrica) wheat weed control World of Weeds 
Annual Forage Insurance Update and Examples forage crop insurance 
Considerations for late planting (or re-planted) soybeans soybeans seeding rate row spacing planting date soybean planting 
Control options for roughleaf dogwood and smooth sumac weed control pasture woody plants rangeland 

909  June 2nd, 2022    

Considerations for weed control following wheat harvest wheat weed control 
Optimal time for sampling corn nematode is between V5 to V7 growth stage corn nematodes sampling 
Free Soybean Cyst testing from the K-State Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab soybean cyst nematode testing 
Soil Health Matrix Decision Tool: A new free tool for producers soil soil health tool 
Double cropping options after wheat wheat soybeans sorghum double crop summer annual forage sunflower 
Wheat Tour Schedule 2022 wheat wheat plot tours 

May 2022

908  May 26th, 2022    

2022 Kansas Wheat Crop Conditions: a report following the Wheat Quality Tour wheat Wheat Quality Tour 
Possible causes for white heads in wheat wheat white heads 
Considerations when harvesting short wheat wheat harvest short stands 
Pre-harvest weed control in wheat wheat weed control pre-harvest 
Western Corn Rootworm Bt Traits and Resistance western corn rootworm resistance 
Sorghum management considerations: Planting practices planting sorghum 
Wheat Tour Schedule 2022 wheat wheat plot tours 

907  May 19th, 2022    

Effect of late planting dates on corn yield corn late planting 
Early-season weed control in cotton cotton weed control 
Plan now for volunteer corn control in soybeans soybeans volunteer corn 
Protecting your home from wildfire wildfire home 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for April 2022 Climate 
Kansas Corn Yield Contest: New publication summarizing 2021 management practices corn Corn Yield Contest 

906  May 12th, 2022    

Checking Wheat Heads for Pollination Problems wheat pollination 
Effects of High Temperatures on Wheat wheat high temperatures 
Jumping Straight to Summer weather high temperatures 
Delayed Preemergence Herbicide Applications in Corn herbicide corn 
Wheat Tour Schedule 2022 wheat wheat plot tours 
Spring Crops Field Day in Parsons on May 17 Field Day 

905  May 5th, 2022    

Does Grazing Cover Crops Impact Soil Properties? cover crops grazing soil properties 
Considerations for Pasture Turn-out cattle pasture rangeland 
Control of Volunteer Enlist Corn in Enlist E3 Soybean soybeans Enlist herbicides volunteer corn 
Wheat Disease Update: May 4th 2022 wheat disease wheat rust 
2022 Canola Field Days - May 12 canola Field Day 
Wheat Tour Schedule 2022 wheat wheat plot tours 

April 2022

904  April 29th, 2022    

Is There Any Value to Starter Fertilizers on Soybeans? soybeans fertilizer starter fertilizer 
Interseeding sorghum-sudangrass into perennial cool-season western wheatgrass pasture pastures interseeding sorghum-sudangrass 
Soybean Row Spacing in Kansas soybeans row spacing 
Spring update on winter canola conditions canola 
2022 Blowing in the Wind wind wind speed 
Management following a wildfire rangeland wind erosion wildfire cropland 

903  April 21st, 2022    

Control of later-emerging kochia in wheat or wheat stubble weed control kochia wheat stubble 
Considerations on adjusting seeding rate for soybeans soybeans seeding rate 
Alfalfa weevil and aphid populations in alfalfa - update as of April 21 alfalfa alfalfa weevils 
Wheat disease update: April 21, 2022 wheat disease stripe rust leaf rust 
Emergency tillage for wind erosion concerns soil wind erosion 
Soil Health Workshop, Hays, KS, May 18-19, 2022 soil health workshops 

902  April 14th, 2022    

2022 Kansas Wheat: Crop Conditions and Risk of Freeze Injury wheat freeze injury Condition 
Injury symptoms from freeze damage to wheat: what to look for? wheat freeze injury 
Brown Wheat Mite Outbreaks in Western Kansas wheat brown wheat mite 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for March 2022 weather Climate 
World of Weeds: Poison hemlock and Wild carrot World of Weeds 
Starter fertilizer and nitrogen placement and rate considerations for Corn nitrogen starter fertilizer 
Adjust corn plant density for the coming 2022 season corn plant density 
Soybean planting date and maturity group selection soybeans planting date maturity group 

901  April 7th, 2022    

First hollow stem update (7 April 2022) wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 
Spring-emerged volunteer wheat: Should producers worry about wheat streak mosaic virus and the green bridge? wheat volunteer wheat wheat streak mosaic 
2022 soil moisture and temperature outlook of spring planting in Kansas soil moisture spring outlook temperature 

March 2022

900  March 31st, 2022    

First hollow stem update (31 March 2022) wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 
Prohibition for Enlist One and Enlist Duo lifted for Kansas weed control label requirements enlist 
Weed Management Podcast Wrapping up Third Season weed control podcast War on Weeds 
Outlook for stripe rust in the 2022 Kansas wheat crop wheat stripe rust foliar diseases 

899  March 28th, 2022    

First hollow stem update - March 28, 2022 wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 

898  March 24th, 2022    

First hollow stem update - March 24, 2022 wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 
Optimal corn seeding rate recommendations corn yield potential seeding rate yield environment 
Join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts! precipitation weather CoCoRaHS data 

897  March 18th, 2022    

Army cutworm reaching treatment thresholds in winter canola canola army cutworms winter canola 
Optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pastures: First hollow stem wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 
First hollow stem update - March 18, 2022 dual purpose wheat first hollow stem 
New tool for estimating first hollow stem in wheat from Kansas Mesonet wheat Mesonet first hollow stem 
World of Weeds: Mustard species mustards World of Weeds 
Several K-State publications on insect pest management updated for 2022 insects publication 

896  March 10th, 2022    

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat wheat herbicide spring 
Understanding the chemical reactions of urea in the soil nitrogen fertilizer urea 
Management practices affecting nitrogen loss from urea fertilizer urea volatilization 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for February 2022 weather Climate  
Certified Crop Advisor exam review course is now available in a self-paced online format online resources CCA crops 
Farmer input requested about the myFields online pest management tool survey myFields pest management 
One more session for K-State CropTalk webinar series - March 14 virtual CropTalk webinar 

895  March 3rd, 2022    

Spring 2022 Wildfire Outlook for Kansas - Be prepared! prescribed burning wildfire 
Tips for having a safe and successful prescribed burn this spring prescribed burning wildfire smoke 
Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control soybeans marestail 
Certified Crop Advisor exam review course is now available in a self-paced online format online resources CCA 
2021 Kansas Performance Tests with Grain Sorghum Hybrids report now available grain sorghum Performance Tests  
K-State to host 'mini-conference' on agricultural ramifications of Ukraine/Russia conflict virtual economics risk and profit 
Farmer input requested about the myFields online pest management tool survey myFields pest management 
Soil Health Field Day - March 28, 2022 soil health Field Day 
K-State CropTalk webinar series extended until March 14 webinars crop production 

February 2022

894  February 24th, 2022    

Potential for winterkill to the Kansas wheat crop winter hardiness wheat drought winterkill 
Topdressing wheat with nitrogen topdress nitrogen fertilizer wheat 
Wheat variety fall forage yield comparison for 2021-2022 wheat grazing fall forage dual purpose yield results 
Spring weather outlook for 2022 in Kansas weather spring outlook climate 
2022 Grain sorghum management publication now available grain sorghum publication  
Soil Health Field Day - March 28, 2022 soil health Field Day  
K-State CropTalk webinar series  webinars crop production 

893  February 17th, 2022    

Side-dress nitrogen applications for corn: Agronomic considerations and a new crop insurance endorsement nitrogen fertilizer corn crop insurance Side-dress 
Cover crop termination considerations weeds herbicide termination Cover Crops 
Ten commonly asked questions when pondering dry ponds drought ponds 
Late winter kochia control in fields going to corn or grain sorghum grain sorghum corn weed control kochia 
2021 Kansas Performance Tests with Soybean Varieties report now available soybeans Performance Tests variety trials 
Correction to the 2022 Chemical Weed Control Guide for Reviton herbicide Weed Control Guide  
K-State CropTalk webinar series returns in 2022 webinars crops  

892  February 10th, 2022    

Pre-plant herbicide applications for kochia control  kochia pre-plant herbicide 
Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits fertilizer topdress canola winter canola 
2021 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial results now available hay forage summer annual forage variety trials 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for January 2022 weather Climate  
K-State CropTalk webinar series returns in 2022 webinars crops 

891  February 3rd, 2022    

Should you be concerned about winterkill in winter canola?  winter survival canola winter canola winterkill 
Herbicides for damaged brome hayfields herbicide hayfields brome 
2021 Kansas Performance Tests with Corn Hybrids report now available  Performance Tests corn  
An impressive snow storm impacted western Kansas in late January winter weather snow CoCoRaHS 
K-State CropTalk webinar series returns in 2022 webinars CropTalk  
Kansas Wheat Rx Schools to be held in Wichita and Hays wheat WheatRx  
Two remaining K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for February Soybean Schools soybeans meeting  

January 2022

890  January 27th, 2022    

Paraquat: What you need to know for use in 2022 label requirements paraquat application training herbicide 
Dicamba training options in 2022 dicamba application training herbicide 
Free webinar on a new method for control of corn rootworm - Feb. 23 corn rootworm webinars nematodes 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for December 2021 weather Climate 
K-State CropTalk webinar series returns in 2022 webinars crops  
Kansas Wheat Rx Schools to be held in Wichita and Hays in early February wheat meeting Wheat Rx 
Kansas Corn Schools - Virtual program on February 3 Corn Schools virtual meeting  

889  January 20th, 2022    

Options for damaged or dead brome hayfields hayfields brome 
New Enlist One and Enlist Duo herbicide labels approved label requirements Enlist herbicides cotton soybeans EPA 
Kansas Wheat Rx Schools to be held in Wichita and Hays in early February wheat curl mite meeting Wheat Rx  
K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February Soybean Schools soybeans meeting  
Kansas Corn Schools - Virtual program on February 3 Corn Schools virtual meeting  

888  January 13th, 2022    

Great Plains Initiative indicates more than half of Kansas windbreaks are deteriorating  soil conservation wind erosion windbreaks forestry 
Corn and soybean management publications updated for 2022 soybeans corn publication  
Kansas Wheat Rx Schools to be held in Wichita and Hays in early February wheat meeting Wheat Rx 
Cover Your Acres Winter Conference to be held in person, January 18-19 Cover Your Acres  
K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February soybeans Soybean Schools  
Kansas Corn Schools scheduled for early 2022 corn Corn Schools  

887  January 6th, 2022    

New publication on managing stress for people working in agriculture online resources farm stress 
Stay connected to K-State Agronomy with social media and digital resources online resources social media 
Look back at the significant weather events in Kansas during 2021 weather summary climate severe weather  
Register now for the Soil Fertility Management meetings  soil fertility meeting 
Cover Your Acres Winter Conference to be held in person, January 18-19 Cover Your Acres meeting  
K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February Soybean Schools meeting  
Kansas Corn Schools scheduled for early 2022 Corn Schools meeting