2021 eUpdate Archive

December 2021

886  December 16th, 2021    

K-State 2022 Chemical Weed Control Guide now available  weeds publication Weed Control Guide  
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for November 2021 weather Climate 
Soil Fertility Management meetings scheduled in central and western Kansas soil fertility meeting  
K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February Soybean Schools  
Kansas Corn Schools scheduled for early 2022 Corn Schools  
Crop Pest Management School to be held online, December 21 virtual Crop Pest Schools  

885  December 9th, 2021    

Sulfur deficiency in wheat wheat sulfur yellow wheat nutrient deficiency 
Learn how to examine soil for signs of compaction soil soil moisture soil compaction 
Kansas experiences a warm start to winter weather Climate warm temperatures 
K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February soybeans Soybean Schools meeting  
Kansas Corn Schools scheduled for early 2022 corn Corn Schools meeting  

884  December 2nd, 2021    

Safety first when planning deep tillage or earthwork: Call before you dig! deep tillage safety soil 
Profiles in Soil: Home on the Range with the Lancaster soil soil rangeland 
Save the Date: K-State Soybean Schools scheduled for late January and early February soybeans Soybean Schools  
Kansas Forage and Grassland Council and K-State to Host Winter Forage Conference, Dec. 8 Winter Forage Conference  
2021 Crop Pest Management Schools - December 8, 9, and 21 

November 2021

883  November 29th, 2021    

K-State/KARA Crop Production Update - Dec. 1-2 in Lindsborg, KS Conference training crop production  

882  November 18th, 2021    

Crop residues: Nutritive value and options for grazing grazing crop residue 
Calculating the value of poultry litter and proper storage considerations fertilizer poultry litter 
Final ruling from the EPA on the insecticide chlorpyrifos EPA insecticide insect control 
K-State/KARA Crop Production Update - Dec. 1 & 2 in Lindsborg, KS KARA crop production  
2021 Crop Pest Management Schools - December 8, 9, and 21 Crop Pest Schools  

881  November 11th, 2021    

Plan now for weed management in 2022 weed control herbicides glyphosate 
Nutrient availability in poultry manure  fertilizer nitrogen poultry litter phosphorus nutrient availability potassium 
Some areas in Kansas are still waiting for the first freeze weather freeze Climate growing season freezing temperatures 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for October 2021 weather Climate 
2021 Crop Pest Management Schools - December 8, 9, and 21 Crop Pest Schools  

880  November 4th, 2021    

Control of mustards in wheat - Timely treatment is important wheat mustards weed control herbicide timing 
Check terraces now for needed repairs and maintenance soil conservation terraces 
World of Weeds - Henbit World of Weeds henbit 
Save the Date for the 2022 Corn Schools Corn Schools  

October 2021

879  October 28th, 2021    

Considerations for fall applications of anhydrous ammonia fall fertilizer anhydrous ammonia soil temperature 
Saline and sodic soils: Understanding the basics soil testing salt accumulation saline soils sodic soils remediation 
Saline and sodic soils: Identification and management salt accumulation saline soils sodic soils 
Save the Date for the 2022 Corn Schools Corn Schools  

878  October 21st, 2021    

Management adjustments when sowing wheat late wheat late planting 
Replanting decisions for winter wheat wheat replanting 
Sorghum midge update from Southwest Kansas insects sorghum midge 
Kansas Forage and Grassland Council and K-State to Host Winter Forage Conference, Dec. 8 Winter Forage Conference  
2021 Kansas Soybean Yield and Value Contests Soybean Yield Contest  

877  October 14th, 2021    

Musk thistle control in the fall pastures weed control musk thistle noxious weed 
Fall soil testing of hayfields and pastures soil testing pastures hayfields soil fertility 
The Mesonet Freeze Monitor is back with new features Mesonet weather cold temperatures freeze monitor 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for September 2021 weather Climate  
2021 Kansas Soybean Yield and Value Contests soybeans Soybean Yield Contest  

876  October 7th, 2021    

Wheat planting conditions in Kansas: Early October 2021 wheat planting soil moisture planting conditions 
Testing methods for nitrates in forages fall forage hay prussic acid nitrate toxicity forage testing 
Get control of fall-emerged marestail before next spring weed control marestail herbicide resistance residual herbicides 
Control annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum herbicide resistance annual weeds fall-applied herbicides 
Free soybean cyst nematode testing from the K-State Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab soybean cyst nematode disease Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab 
Weed management, weed escapes, and targeted control practices survey survey weed control  
Kansas Bankers Association Conservation Awards - Nominations due Dec. 3 soil conservation water conservation awards 

September 2021

875  September 30th, 2021    

Soybean dry down rate before harvest soybeans drydown harvest 
Management considerations for no-till wheat following sorghum or other summer crops no-tillage wheat glyphosate pre-harvest desiccant 
Test to prevent nitrate and prussic acid poisoning grazing sorghum forage prussic acid nitrate toxicity sudan millet 
Control woody plants on rangeland: Basal bark and cut-stump herbicide applications woody plants rangeland herbicide application 
Free soybean cyst nematode testing is available from the K-State Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab soybeans soybean cyst nematode soil testing disease Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab 
Weed management, weed escapes, and targeted control practices survey survey weed control  

874  September 23rd, 2021    

Considerations when planting wheat into dry soil wheat planting dry soils drought 
Check for stalk rots prior to grain sorghum harvest disease stalk rot grain sorghum lodging fusarium stalk rot charcoal rot 
Challenges with smooth bromegrass hayfields in eastern Kansas  bromegrass smooth brome regrowth 
Fall armyworm infestations in early-planted wheat in central Kansas wheat fall armyworms early-planted wheat 
Learn more about three winter wheat varieties developed in Kansas wheat new variety variety selection 
Kansas Bankers Association Conservation Awards - Nominations due Dec. 3 soil conservation award water conservation 

873  September 16th, 2021    

In-furrow fertilizers for wheat wheat fall fertilizer nitrogen fertilizer starter fertilizer phosphorus in-furrow 
Weed management practices: Fall scouting for weeds weeds scouting crop scouting 
Grain sorghum yield potential: An on-farm calculation grain sorghum yield potential yields 
Grain sorghum yield potential: Understanding the main yield components grain sorghum yield estimates yield components 
Insect update: The Year of the Worm wheat insects alfalfa army cutworms armyworms fall armyworms 

872  September 9th, 2021    

Alfalfa management: Deciding on last cutting this fall alfalfa forage dormancy last cutting 
Common causes of late-season stalk lodging in corn stalk rot corn lodging 
Tips on scouting for Dectes stem borer in soybeans soybeans insects dectes stem borer 
Planting wheat too early can lead to several problems wheat planting dual purpose optimum planting dates 
Wheat planting - Consider seed treatments this year  wheat seed treatment fusarium head blight fungicides common bunt 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for August 2021 weather Climate Update  

871  September 2nd, 2021    

Tips for fall planting of alfalfa alfalfa forage fall planting 
Cover crop response to herbicides weed control cover crops herbicide termination herbicide injury 
New research examines tillering impacts on corn yields corn tillering yield impacts 
2021 Kansas Soybean Yield and Value Contests soybeans Soybean Yield Contest  
World of Weeds - Prickly sida World of Weeds prickly sida 

August 2021

870  August 26th, 2021    

Planning your wheat fertility program: Start now by soil testing soil sampling soil testing wheat soil fertility 
Estimating soybean yield potential soybeans yield potential yield estimates 
Management options for stressed corn corn silage drought stress heat stress corn silage 
2021 Kansas Performance Tests with Winter Wheat Varieties report available online wheat Performance Tests  
2020 Kansas Summer Annual Forage Hay and Silage Variety Trial final report silage hay fall forage summer annual forage variety trials  

869  August 20th, 2021    

Corn production issues - Droopy ears  corn droopy ears photosynthesis solar radiation 
New publication on selecting the optimal wheat variety wheat publication variety selection 
2021 Wheat Variety Disease and Insect Rating publication wheat insects publication disease variety selection  
Final irrigation of the growing season - Timing is everything irrigation water requirements 
Update on insect activity in alfalfa - Fall armyworms, armyworms, and alfalfa caterpillars insects alfalfa armyworms fall armyworms caterpillars 
Grasshopper pressure is increasing in western Kansas insects grasshoppers 
Fall weather outlook for Kansas and the science behind the predications Climate weather fall outlook ENSO outlooks 

868  August 12th, 2021    

Pre-emergence herbicides for wheat wheat pre-plant herbicide bindweed pre-emergence residual herbicides 
Nitrate toxicity in drought-stressed corn  corn livestock drought stress nitrate toxicity forage testing 
Does grazing cover crops impact soil properties? cover crops soil health grazing livestock 
First reports of sugarcane aphid on grain sorghum in Kansas 
Field day to showcase cover crop management for livestock producers - August 24 cover crops grazing livestock Field Day  
Flickner Innovation Farm Field Day - August 31 cover crops soil health Field Day  
Soil Health Field Day - September 2 soil health Field Day  

867  August 5th, 2021    

Liming prior to fall seeding of alfalfa fall-applied alfalfa lime application soil pH 
Sorghum midge activity in the Southwest insects grain sorghum scouting sorghum midge 
Don't miss out on entering the 2021 Kansas Corn Yield Contest corn Corn Yield Contest  
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for July 2021 weather Climate  

July 2021

866  July 29th, 2021    

Planting spring oats and turnips in the fall for forage fall forage cover crops grazing spring oats turnips 
Estimating corn yield potential corn yield potential 
Exceptional winter canola yields observed in 2021 canola Performance Tests yield results winter canola variety trials 
Riley County Soil Health Workshop, August 30 soil health cover crops Field Day  

865  July 22nd, 2021    

Wheat streak mosaic virus: It is critical to stay on top of volunteer wheat this year wheat volunteer wheat wheat streak mosaic wheat curl mite 
Heat safety awareness: Excessive heat forecasted for Kansas in late July high temperatures high humidity heat advisory 
Summer is a great time to join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts! weather rainfall CoCoRaHS 
Kansas River Valley Experiment Field Fall Field Day, August 10 Fall Field Day  
K-State East Central Experiment Field Fall Field Day, August 18 Fall Field Day  

864  July 15th, 2021    

Palmer amaranth control in grain sorghum grain sorghum palmer amaranth post-emergence herbicide resistance 
Southern rust has been reported in additional counties in Kansas  corn disease leaf diseases southern rust 
Germination testing of wheat seed wheat germination testing wheat seed 
World of Weeds - Johnsongrass World of Weeds johnsongrass 
K-State North Central Experiment Field Fall Field Day, August 17 fall Field Day North Central  

863  July 8th, 2021    

Identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms in soybeans soybeans nutrient deficiency chlorosis 
Plugging water wells: Guidelines for landowners and cost-share information water quality water wells 
First report of southern rust in Kansas for 2021 corn disease southern rust crop scouting 
Use the Mesonet Animal Comfort Tool to monitor livestock conditions this summer Mesonet livestock high temperatures Cattle Comfort Tool 
Maximizing the value of harvested forages: Considerations on proper storage of round bales hay round bales forages 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for June 2021 weather Climate  

862  July 1st, 2021    

Status of disease pressure in corn - June 25, 2021 corn southern rust common rust foliar diseases 
Fungicide considerations for corn diseases: Scouting is key corn fungicide foliar fungicides foliar diseases 

June 2021

861  June 24th, 2021    

Considerations for weed control following wheat harvest weed control kochia palmer amaranth volunteer wheat post-harvest 
Cut-off dates for XtendiMax, Engenia, and Tavium applications soybeans dicamba label requirements cotton herbicide application dicamba-resistant 
World of Weeds - Stinkgrass World of Weeds stinkgrass 
2021 Kansas Corn Yield Contest Corn Yield Contest  

860  June 17th, 2021    

Herbicide applications and high temperatures high temperatures herbicide application 
Herbicide carryover considerations when planting after wheat wheat Re-cropping herbicide carryover 
Plant analysis for testing nutrient levels in corn corn tissue testing nutrient anaylsis 
Evaluating corn fields for nematode damage corn disease root-lesion nematode 
Start scouting corn for southern rust in Kansas Corn Schools disease southern rust foliar diseases 
Updated K-State publication on cleaning field sprayers publication equipment herbicide 
2021 Kansas Corn Yield Contest Corn Yield Contest  

859  June 10th, 2021    

Late planting of soybeans: Management considerations soybeans late planting seeding rate row spacing 
Early summer control of sericea lespedeza using herbicides sericea lespedeza invasive species 
Double crop options after wheat wheat double crop cropping systems 
Wheat harvest: Identifying disease problems and setting harvest priorities  wheat harvest loose smut fusarium head blight 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for May 2021 weather Climate  

858  June 3rd, 2021    

Pre-harvest weed control in wheat wheat weed control herbicide application pre-harvest 
Meet the new Southeast Area Agronomist, Bruno Pedreira new faculty agronomist 
Several K-State publications on insect pest management updated for 2021 insects publication  
2021 Kansas wheat plot tours wheat plot tours  

May 2021

857  May 27th, 2021    

Effect of standing water and saturated soils on corn growth corn flooded fields saturated soils nitrogen loss 
Soybean response to standing water and saturated soils soybeans disease flooded fields saturated soils seedling diseases 
Updated - 2021 Kansas wheat plot tours wheat wheat plot tours  
Plan now for volunteer corn control in soybeans soybeans volunteer corn 
2021 Wheat Quality Tour - Summary of Kansas wheat crop conditions Wheat Quality Tour  
Estimating western corn rootworm egg hatch and adult emergence corn rootworm growing degree days western corn rootworm 
Summer weather outlook for Kansas - May 20, 2021 weather summer outlook 

856  May 21st, 2021    

Sorghum management considerations: Planting practices planting grain sorghum seeding rate row spacing plant population 
2021 Kansas wheat plot tours wheat wheat plot tours  
K-State Insect Diagnostics Program accepts digital images for insect identification insects identification 
World of Weeds: Tumble windmillgrass World of Weeds windmillgrass 
2020 National Winter Canola Variety Trial results canola variety trials  

855  May 18th, 2021    

Fusarium head blight outlook and fungicide recommendations wheat fungicide stripe rust fusarium head blight head scab 

854  May 13th, 2021    

Possible causes for white heads in wheat wheat white heads 
2021 Kansas wheat plot tours wheat wheat plot tours  
Crop residue decomposition and nutrient release rates cover crops crop residue decomposition C:N ratio 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for April 2021 weather Climate 
Spring Crops Field Day in Parsons on May 19 Field Day 

853  May 6th, 2021    

Early-season weed control in cotton weed control cotton pre-plant herbicide residual herbicides 
2021 Kansas wheat plot tours to start on May 10 wheat plot tours  
Wheat disease update - May 6, 2021 wheat disease stripe rust leaf rust wheat streak mosaic 
Inoculating soybeans is a good insurance policy soybeans inoculation nodulation 
Several factors affect successful soybean inoculation and nodulation soybeans nitrogen inoculation nodulation 
Identification and control of buckbrush and western snowberry in Kansas rangeland buckbrush snowberry shrubs 
Does a quiet April mean a quiet tornado season in Kansas? weather severe weather tornado 
Spring Crops Field Day in Parsons on May 19 Field Day  
Winter Canola Field Day on May 13 in Kingman County canola Field Day  

April 2021

852  April 29th, 2021    

Soil temperature and forecast are critical for successful cotton stand establishment cotton soil temperature stand establishment 
Stripe rust distribution and risk assessment - April 29, 2021 wheat stripe rust foliar fungicides foliar diseases 
Soybean seeding rates and optimum plant populations soybeans seeding rate plant population 
Effect of row spacing on soybean yield soybeans yield potential row spacing 
Learn the facts about lightning and how to stay safe weather safety extreme weather lightning 
Virtual crop scouting school now available virtual crop scouting  

851  April 22nd, 2021    

Soil temperature update and cold injury concerns for corn corn soil temperature cold soil cold injury 
K-State recommendations for soybean planting dates and maturity group soybeans maturity group optimum planting dates 
Risk of freeze injury to Kansas wheat for April 20-22, 2021 wheat freeze injury freezing temperatures 
Injury symptoms from freeze damage to wheat wheat freeze injury crop injury 
Spring freeze effects on weed management freezing temperatures weed management burndown herbicides 
Imazamox-resistant shattercane populations identified from sorghum fields in northwest Kansas grain sorghum herbicide resistance shattercane 
World of Weeds: Bush honeysuckle World of Weeds honeysuckle 
Virtual crop scouting school now available virtual crop scouting CCA 
Seed production management for smooth bromegrass and tall fescue publication tall fescue bromegrass 

850  April 15th, 2021    

Time to start scouting wheat for stripe rust: First reports in southeast Kansas wheat disease stripe rust scouting 
Updated wheat fungicide publication for 2021 now available wheat publication fungicide  
Soybean seed treatments: Avoiding seedling diseases soybeans disease seed treatment seedling diseases 
Herbicide availability concerns for this growing season weed control herbicides 
Learn more about the brown marmorated stink bug insects stink bug 
Survey: Herbicide application practices in Kansas survey weed control herbicide herbicide application 

849  April 8th, 2021    

Pre-emergence herbicides for grain sorghum grain sorghum weed control pre-emergence residual herbicides 
First hollow stem update: April 8, 2021 wheat dual purpose grazing first hollow stem 
Key nutrients for soybean production in Kansas soybeans soil fertility nutrients 
Kansas Mesonet adds a new tool for tracking days between rainfall events weather Mesonet rainfall tool drought monitoring 
Insect activity report for Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and pea aphids insects pea aphids alfalfa weevils 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for March 2021 weather Climate March 
Commercial applicator training offered in April application training virtual pesticides 

848  April 1st, 2021    

Soil temperature and moisture update in Kansas - April 1, 2021 soil moisture spring planting soil temperature 
First hollow stem update: April 1, 2021 wheat dual purpose first hollow stem 
What are the causes of yellow wheat? wheat disease yellow wheat nutrient deficiency 
Spring-emerged volunteer wheat: Should producers worry about wheat streak mosaic virus and the green bridge? wheat volunteer wheat wheat streak mosaic 
A classic March wind storm in Kansas weather wind 
Spring soybean cyst nematode sampling soil sampling soybean cyst nematode Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab 
Spring insect activity in Kansas - Alfalfa weevils and army cutworms insects army cutworms alfalfa weevils 
Commercial applicator training offered in April application training online resources pesticides 

March 2021

847  March 26th, 2021    

First hollow stem update: March 26, 2021 dual purpose wheat first hollow stem crop development 

846  March 25th, 2021    

Update on Kansas wheat 2021: A tale of two crops wheat development crop progress 
Outlook for stripe rust in the 2021 Kansas wheat crop wheat disease stripe rust 
World of Weeds - Giant ragweed World of Weeds horseweed giant ragweed 
Join the CoCoRaHS Network...because every drop counts! weather CoCoRaHS 

845  March 23rd, 2021    

First hollow stem update: March 23, 2021 wheat dual purpose first hollow stem 

844  March 18th, 2021    

Residual herbicides for corn corn weed control pre-emergence residual herbicides 
First hollow stem update: March 18, 2021 wheat first hollow stem  
New Kansas Mesonet tool for estimating wheat growth stage wheat Mesonet GDD tool growing degree days 
Optimal corn seeding rate recommendations corn seeding rate plant density plant population yield environment 
2021 Grain sorghum management publication now available grain sorghum publication  

843  March 11th, 2021    

Pay attention to growth stage for spring herbicide decisions on wheat wheat spring herbicide herbicide timing 
Be aware of fire weather conditions during prescribed burning season prescribed burning wildfire fire weather 
Topdressing wheat with sulfur wheat topdress spring fertilizer sulfur 
Chloride as a topdressing nutrient for wheat wheat topdress chloride spring fertilizer 
Be patient as spring planting approaches: Soil temperature and moisture update spring planting planting soil temperature soil moisture optimum planting dates 
Understanding herbicide modes of action publication herbicide weed control  

842  March 4th, 2021    

Optimal time to remove cattle from wheat pastures: First hollow stem wheat grazing dual purpose first hollow stem 
Foxtail infestations in smooth bromegrass hay meadows bromegrass foxtails hay fields 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for February 2021 weather Climate  
Virtual Crop Talk webinars to end on March 9 virtual webinars  

February 2021

841  February 25th, 2021    

Marestail in soybeans: Strategies for the best control soybeans weed control pre-plant herbicide marestail post-emergence 
World of Weeds - Foxtails World of Weeds annual weeds foxtails 
2020 Kansas Performance Tests with Grain Sorghum Hybrids grain sorghum Performance Tests  
Soil versus air temperatures: Understanding the relationship soil soil moisture soil temperature crop residue freezing temperatures 
Herbicide application practices in Kansas survey herbicide 
Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas virtual webinars  

840  February 18th, 2021    

Potential for winterkill to the Kansas wheat crop wheat winter hardiness winter survival cold temperatures 
Expectations for a late-emerged winter wheat crop wheat dry soils Drought delayed emergence yield potential 
Factors involved in winter survival of canola in Kansas canola winter hardiness winter survival cold temperatures 
Late winter kochia control in fields going to soybeans, sunflowers, and wheat weed control kochia herbicide pre-emergence 
Soil temperature impacts on western corn rootworm eggs insects soil temperature corn rootworm 
2020 Kansas Performance Tests with soybean varieties report Performance Tests soybeans  
Herbicide application practices in Kansas survey herbicide herbicide application 
Soybean seedling diseases webinar series to begin on Feb. 23 soybeans virtual leaf diseases webinars  
Great Plains Cotton Conference, February 23 & 24 Conference cotton virtual  
Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas virtual webinars  

839  February 15th, 2021    

Measuring the Arctic outbreak on the Mesonet Mesonet freeze monitor arctic weather 
Safety guidelines for frozen ponds safety ice frozen ponds 

838  February 11th, 2021    

Late winter kochia control in fields going to corn or grain sorghum weed control kochia pre-emergence 
Cover crop termination considerations weeds cover crops herbicide termination 
2020 Kansas Performance Tests with Corn Hybrids report now available  corn Performance Tests hybrid  
Save the Date - Great Plains Cotton Conference, February 23 & 24 Conference cotton virtual  
New Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas virtual  

837  February 4th, 2021    

Topdressing wheat with nitrogen wheat topdress fertilizer nitrogen 
Is spring wheat a viable option for northwest Kansas? spring wheat cool-season grain 
Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits canola topdress 
Pre-plant herbicide applications for kochia control  weed control kochia pre-plant herbicide 
Metabolism-based herbicide resistance in a 6-way resistant Palmer amaranth palmer amaranth herbicide resistance 
Arctic weather is coming - Monitor livestock conditions using Cattle Comfort Tool Mesonet Cattle Comfort Tool cold temperatures 
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for January 2021 weather Climate 
Save the Date - Great Plains Cotton Conference, February 23 & 24 Conference cotton virtual  
Soybean cyst nematode webinar series starting February 11 soybean cyst nematode virtual webinars 
New Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas virtual webinars  

January 2021

836  January 28th, 2021    

Kansas winter wheat disease summary for 2020 wheat disease summary  
Updated 2021 spring wildfire outlook for Kansas wildfire outlook 
New Crop Talk webinar series for northwest and north central Kansas virtual webinars  
2021 Kansas Corn School webinar series - Feb. 4 and 11 Corn Schools virtual  

835  January 21st, 2021    

Sunflower disease management in Kansas sunflower disease management 
2021 wheat variety fall forage yield comparison wheat fall forage dual purpose variety trials 
Emergency measures to control wind erosion soil conservation high winds wind erosion soil loss 
World of Weeds: Marestail World of Weeds marestail horseweed 
2021 Kansas Corn School webinar series - Feb. 4 and 11 Corn Schools virtual  
North Central Experiment Field Winter Update - January 27 virtual experiment field North Central 

834  January 14th, 2021    

Extension Weed Science launches a new podcast on battling weeds weed control podcast War on Weeds 
Summer row crop disease summary for Kansas in 2020 soybeans sorghum corn summary row crops diseases  
Look back at Kansas weather for each month of 2020 weather summary  
Two new soybean publications are available online soybeans publication  
2021 Kansas Corn School webinar series Corn Schools virtual  
North Central Experiment Field Winter Update - January 27 virtual meeting experiment field 
Cover Your Acres Winter Conference goes virtual on January 19 Cover Your Acres virtual  

833  January 7th, 2021    

Extension Agronomy eUpdate moves to Thursday eUpdate 
IMIFLEX herbicide receives EPA approval for igrowth grain sorghum grain sorghum weed control herbicide resistance IMIFLEX 
Using game theory to understand social aspects of weed management decisions soybeans dicamba weed management 
2021 Kansas training information for paraquat and dicamba dicamba paraquat application training  
2020 Kansas severe weather: One for the record books severe weather  
Kansas Ag-Climate Update for December 2020 weather Climate 
2021 Kansas Corn School webinar series Corn Schools virtual  
North Central Experiment Field Winter Update - January 27 Update  
Cover Your Acres Winter Conference goes virtual, January 19 Cover Your Acres virtual