2013 eUpdate Archive

December 2013

435  December 20th, 2013    

Nutrient availability and value of poultry litter 
Proper storage of poultry litter 
Testing forages and interpreting the results 
Cover Your Acres Conference 2014 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: December 3 - 16 

434  December 13th, 2013    

Winter survival of wheat 
Soil temperatures in December from across Kansas 
Effect of management practices on winter canola production 
Sunflower moth: Treatment options and pollinator safety 
K-State Soybean Production Schools scheduled for February 
Workshop on planning for long-term drought, Jan. 9 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: November 26 - December 9 

433  December 6th, 2013    

New conventional soybean variety released 
Topdressing canola: How to maximize the benefits 
Sunflower moth: Behavior, scouting, and management 
November weather summary: Chilly end to autumn 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: November 19 - December 2 

November 2013

432  November 26th, 2013    

Environmental factors affecting glyphosate performance 
Weed resistance to glyphosate 

431  November 22nd, 2013    

Cut-stump treatment of woody plants on rangeland, pastures, and CRP acres 
Oakley CL: New wheat variety released by K-State 
Winter grain mites in wheat 
Sorghum Production Schools scheduled at four locations in February 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: November 5 - 18 

430  November 15th, 2013    

Tips to minimize storage loss of large round bales 
Eastern redcedar control on range and pasture 
What to look for in fall wheat growth and development 
Chloride and sulfur as topdressing nutrients for wheat 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: October 29 - November 11 

429  November 8th, 2013    

Two new Roundup Ready winter canola varieties released by K-State 
Grass control management in 2-gene Clearfield wheat 
Canola tours in Kingman and Conway Springs rescheduled for November 19 
October weather summary for Kansas: Early snow 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: October 22 - November 4 

428  November 1st, 2013    

Assessing canola plant stands 
Controlling winter annual broadleaf weeds in wheat 
Effect of cover crops on crop yields, and other factors  
Partial vernalization of winter wheat and triticale 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: October 15 - 28 

October 2013

427  October 25th, 2013    

Do disease-resistant wheat varieties pay a price in yield? 
Managing high-pH, calcareous and saline/sodic soils 
Soil salinity problems in Kansas 
Estimating yield reductions from fall freeze damage for summer grain crops 

426  October 18th, 2013    

Timing of cheatgrass herbicides on wheat 
Controlling annual weeds with fall-applied herbicides ahead of corn and sorghum 
Estimating crop residue cover 
How tillage systems affect compaction and ability of soil to handle traffic 
Three winter canola field tours scheduled this fall 

425  October 11th, 2013    

Most likely causes of poor wheat emergence 
Wheat seedling development concerns 
Tillering potential of wheat covered with soil 
Avoiding subsoil compaction during row crop harvest 
Sorghum development and potential freeze injury 
September weather summary for Kansas: Strong contrasts continue 

424  October 4th, 2013    

Get an early start on weed control in soybeans 
Method for estimating sorghum yields 
Considerations for planting wheat into grain sorghum, soybean, or sunflower residue 
Impact of fall alfalfa spraying on spring alfalfa weevil infestations 
Managing forages to minimize prussic acid poisoning  
Request for seeds or field sites of suspected glyphosate-resistant Palmer amaranth 
Pros and cons of burning wheat residue before planting 

September 2013

423  September 27th, 2013    

Extending the life of the High Plains Aquifer 
Soil testing of hay fields and pasture in the fall 
Calibration of yield monitors 
Bur ragweed control with early fall treatments 
Fall control of bindweed 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: September 10 - 23 

422  September 20th, 2013    

Row crop conditions in Kansas 
Insects common in alfalfa in late summer to early fall in southwest Kansas 
Stalk rots in grain sorghum 
Products for weed control in horse pastures 
Spot spraying for sericea lespedeza 
Gypsum vs. lime: Facts about minerals 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: September 3 - 16 

421  September 13th, 2013    

Preharvest glyphosate treatment on sorghum in a no-till system 
Hessian fly fall activity on wheat 
Factors that influence Hessian fly fall infestations 
Scouting for fall worms on wheat, new alfalfa seedings, and canola 
Management tips for horse pasture in the fall 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: August 27 - September 9 

420  September 6th, 2013    

Planting wheat into dry soils 
New herbicide-resistant crops under development 
Causes of late-season purpling in corn 
Diagnosing alfalfa stand establishment and seedling growth problems in the fall 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: August 20 - September 2 

August 2013

419  August 30th, 2013    

Wheat seeding tips for good stand establishment 
Recommended wheat seeding rates for Kansas 
Fungicide seed treatments for wheat 
Planting oats and turnips to extend the grazing season 
What percentage of wheat aphids carries the Barley Yellow Dwarf virus? 
Management of rangeland in western Kansas 
Vegetation Condition Report: August 6 - 19 

418  August 23rd, 2013    

Starter fertilizers and early-season nitrogen for wheat 
Winter canola fall management practices 
Estimating soybean yields 
Update on GDUs for grain sorghum 
South Central Kansas Experiment Field to host Fall Field Day, August 27 
Southwest Research-Extension Center at Garden City Fall Field Day Thursday, Aug. 29 
Agricultural Research Center - Hays Fall Field Day, September 4 
Vegetation Condition Report: August 6 - 19 

417  August 16th, 2013    

Preemergence herbicide use on wheat 
Foliar fungicide applications on soybean 
Planting winter triticale for fall grazing in Kansas 
Management of introduced cool-season perennial pastures during and after drought 
Growing degree update for grain sorghum 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: July 30 - August 12 

May 2013

404  May 17th, 2013    

Weed control strategies in grain sorghum 
Brown wheat mite: Will this year’s problems carry over into next season? 
Wheat disease update in Kansas 
Comparative Vegetation Condition Report: April 30 - May 15